Branding: Cadillac Spray Bottle

Designed a spray bottle based on the brand language of the 2015 Cadillac CTS

Brand Research

Me and three other students Hannah Salinas, Praew Suntiasvaraporn, and Dan Kison were all assigned the 2015 Cadillac CTS and together we created a style guide to help us better understand the car's design aesthetics. Cadillac has always been a luxury car brand and its signature vertical tail lights, chrome trim, angular grille, pentagonal features etc have long since defined their cars. In designing my spray bottle, the challenge was to not only make it feel like a Cadillac, but more specifically, the 2015 Cadillac CTS.


After researching about the brand history and target audience, I created a persona that would help identify a possible user group. By creating a persona, designing a spray bottle became designing a spray bottle for a user, and the user's needs could begin to define the type of spray bottle as well as its context.

Form Exploration & Development

I was assigned an existing spray bottle to redesign while keeping the same relative bottle volume. I started off by exploring different ways to incorporate Cadillac features, and then simplified the complex bottle neck. I tried a variety of bottle shapes, from simple to complex, and literal to abstract. The proportions and details of the bottle were continuously refined to capture the essence of CTS features. To test the ergonomics of my designs, I was constantly making physical models of my drawn designs. My final design was an Anti-Fog spray bottle that had the luxurious feel of a Cadillac and the key details of a CTS.

Process Models

Final Foam Model

Final Design