IBM Cloud

Helping devops users manage their workloads and compute resources.

Duration: July 2017 - Present

Teammates: Spencer Reynolds & Micah Linnemeier

My Role: UX Research, UX Design, Visual Design



In the past year I've worked with an awesome team of ux designers, front-end and backend devs, and project managers on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, a compute solution for devops users. My projects and responsibilities include:

Addons & Helm Charts

Designed a way for users to get started with additional turn key capabilities by installing helm charts on their clusters.


Worker Pools

Together with Spencer Reynolds, I designed a new way for users to create and manage their worker nodes (VMs). Worker pools allows people to have different machine types within a single cluster instead of creating and load balancing across multiple clusters. Users can also span their worker pool across multiple datacenters for higher availability.


Cloud Platform Logging

Designed a way for users to set up and manage their logs via IBM Cloud. Announced


Cloud Platform Monitoring

Designed a way for users to set up and manage the health of their cluster and apps via IBM Cloud. Announced


Guided User Assistance

Helping users confidently advance through their chosen journey on IBM Cloud without needing additional support. I worked on the entry into Kubernetes use case.


Open Sesame

With a team of 7, designed an experience that helps 3rd party solution providers discover how to sell their services to potential customers via IBM, and gain real value over time.