An app that facilitates community parking space rentals



I worked on this 3 week project with partners Sam Kim and Summer Kitahara. The problem we tackled is the lack of cheap parking in higher density areas, and the fact that the average driver spends $245 a year on the gas used to find parking. Private citizens have assets, like an empty parking space, that can be valuable to drivers. Unlike parking garages run by dedicated parking businesses, citizens don't have a formalized way of utilizing their assets. Garages have hundreds of spaces, provide parking leases, and can manage how many cars are admitted to the garage. Citizens have a smaller inventory—typically just one space and their use of the space may be difficult to schedule.



To solve this problem, we designed an app that facilitates the lending and renting of neighberhood parking spaces. By sharing parking spaces within the community, we aim to build trust and friendship between parking space renters and lessees. By creating a tightknit community of ParcPals, Parc makes finding parking faster, cheaper, easier, and more personal.

Low Fi First Iteration


Rebecca is on break at the hospital on Friday when she gets an email notification with the new work schedule. She sees that she has been assigned the morning shifts. The current spot she’s been using through Parc isn’t available in the mornings so she has to put in a new request. She quickly opens the Parc app to schedule parking for next week. She knows she needs parking from next Monday to the following Monday, excluding weekends. She finds all of the available spots for parking and sees 2 of her ParcPals. She opens the closer one and sees Madeleine and remembers parking with her before. She then submits a parking request to Madeleine. Madeline is on break at school browsing the internet looking at prices for the Nintendo 3DS. She gets a notification with a request from Rebecca asking to use her parking space for the next week. She does the math and realizes that if she rents out her spot for the next week to Rebecca, then she can afford the gift for her grandkid. Since Madeline wants to rent out her driveway in the mornings it works out perfectly since she is at work all day. After reviewing Rebecca’s profile and noticing that they are Level 2 ParcPals, she goes ahead and approves Madeline’s request. After using Parc, Madeline is able to give her grandchild the Nintendo DS. Rebecca has been enjoying 30 extra minutes of sleep every morning and saving some money too.

High Fi First Iteration

While the app offers live and scheduled parking, our team chose to focus on the schedule parking flow. From the first iteration, I changed the landing page to be more clear that the user can toggle between finding live parking and scheduling future parking. There is also now a search bar where the user can change the location around which parking is found. The link names have changed to be more clear, and there is a live update of the parking cost as the user selects different criteria. The user now also doesn't have to toggle between the criteria and the map of the parking spots.

High Fi Second Iteration

For the second high fidelity iteration, I made it easy to deselect dates where the user doesn't need parking. For Madeleine (the lessor who is renting out her parking spot), we made it more obvious which request she should accept if multiple users request the same time slot. In a real life scenario, an algorithm would take into account the driver's ratings, Parc Pal Level, and most importantly, the amount of money they would be paying, and list the best choice on the top of a stack. If Madeliene clicked on "1 conflicting request", she would see the expanded list of other, less optimal requests and who they're from. Madeleine gets push notifications whenever someone requests her spot, and she can approve them directly from the home screen if they're Parc Pals (someone who has parked with them before). For the final screens, there is a toast bar that makes it easy to see current Parc rentals, and the money criteria looks different from the fields that are entered, so that it's more obvious that it live updates. It's more obvious on the map which spots are Parc Pals,I also made an animation showing the state change for when Madeleine accepts a request.



Combined User Flow

Final Screens