Play: Good Vibes

Designed, fabricated, and coded an interactive vest


Good Vibes is a project about creating a new and fun way to experience music. The product is a vest with many vibration motors sewed within, and each of them are a part of a variety of patterns that are activated by different sounds. Each sound is linked to either a sequence of vibrations or a combination of different motors that activate simultaneously. The chosen sounds are not the typical notes found in musical instruments, but rather a collage of different sounds, making the audible experience a new one as well. When a user presses a key on the launchpad, processing determines which key was pressed, and plays the right audio file and sends an output to the right motors.


To make the vest work, I linked up a Novation launchpad to Processing, determined which sounds to play, and mapped out which motors to activate during which beats of each sound. I then connected 12 vibration motors to my Arduino and got my arduino to work with the launchpad's input signals. You can find my code HERE. After everything was working, I taped down all the parts to the right places and hand sewed them into the inner layer of the vest.